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    Furniture for Children by Pickler — The Unique Pieces

    Young children cope with movement problems on their own — if you allow them to do it and create an environment for them that is appropriate for their age. Hungarian pediatrician Emmy Pikler followed this pedagogical approach when she decided to develop unique furniture for toddlers. Her discoveries are still used today in Pikler playgroups and the daily lives of many parents.

    The central point of Pikler's pedagogy is the provision of suitable play material so that the child can go through the developmental stages on his own without the need for constant intervention and assistance from the parents. No poor-quality plastic toys are suitable for this. Because they are better to the touch, pikler furniture is almost always made from wood.

    Features of furniture

    The beautiful sets of furniture have numerous positive aspects:

    • Play equipment according to Emmy Pikler: whether there is a climbing arch, rocking stairs, a ramp or a maze and crawling a window: all play equipment, as defined by Emmy Pikler, is designed in terms of design and dimensions, so that even small children can use it yourself and study it.
    • Age guidelines for Pikler toys: Each child develops at their own pace, so these values are only a rough estimate. In general, toys and furniture are suitable for children as long as they can use them without assistance. For instance, the triangles are ideal from about ten months, sliding boards from about 1.5 years. Climbing ramps are recommended for 2 to 2.5 years. The seat bars are for children who can already sit independently, and the maze is also for children who are still crawling.
    • Not only the play material, but the entire playground is prepared so that almost no additional intervention and assistance from adults is required. For small children, for example, this can also be done by limiting the play area to a playing net.

    Arrangement of a children's room with Pikler furniture

    Many children's rooms are crammed with toys, so children do not find a stimulating environment, but rather hinder their development. So if you're thinking about how to design a playground for your kids, Emmy Pikler's play material should inspire you.

    Pikler furniture provides the best prerequisites for this, playgrounds are not overwhelmed, and children get a tactile sensory experience from the wood material, which is assessed as educational and does not acquire any unpleasant properties such as cracks or discoloration on the surface.

    A cozy, high-quality carpet serves as a playground on which, for example, an arch for climbing could stand. This way, any falls will be cushioned. The furniture — triangles, ramps, and arches — will best complement this unique area of kids.