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    Is it Safe to Stop the Odometer: Basic Questions Answered

    Many people think that blocking the speedometer is a simple procedure. It harbors many secrets that are not familiar to non-professionals. It is necessary to intervene in the electronic control system and perform many complex manipulations in this process.

    Adjusting the readings on the speedometer located on the dashboard is only part of the business, and we can say that it is the easiest. The main task is to change the readings in the processor and hide the traces of unauthorized interference in the memory of the control units. This procedure can be carried out safely only if a special filter is used. The primary purpose of the odometer correction tool is to prevent new mileage data from entering the odometer.

    Variety and features of odometers

    There is an immense variety of car models and brands in which different calculating instruments are installed. The twisting of the odometer in each car has its characteristics and presupposes that the craftsmen have high qualifications and expensive special equipment. Modern odometers are classified as follows:

    • Mechanical, the indicators on which are adjusted using cables — mechanical drives.
    • Electromechanical with a drive based on electric motors.
    • Electronic, the indicators on which are adjusted using electronic circuits.

    Most of the odometers are electronic models. The receipt of information from the sensors is carried out in the electronic form. Therefore, to calibrate the mileage indicators, you need to use a device that can effectively and safely stop the mileage record.

    How to safely stop a mileage run?

    It is much more challenging to stop a run in foreign cars than other automobiles. Foreign manufacturers install electronic systems with a secure algorithm for recording readings. The main problem is twisting the mileage in vehicles. You need to deal with the control system and correctly connect to the diagnostic port.

    The difficulty lies in finding cells with information about the mileage. A professional device for stopping the run is a matter of minutes. Using a proven instrument for freezing mileage, the vehicle owner avoids the considerable risk of damaging all the car's electronics.

    How long does it take?

    The actual manipulation of the odometer takes place in a matter of seconds. There is no need to remove or solder any components, which simplifies the process. The mileage freezing device is plugged behind the dashboard of the vehicle. The kilometers traveled can be reset with just a few keystrokes, and the new status is quickly displayed on the speedometer. Summing up, we can say that using such a tool can be really useful in some situations. However, it is crucial to remember to do it carefully.