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    Today was one of those days when I really loved my job. I mean, I always love my job, but not every day comes together so beautifully. And tomorrow morning, to continue the theme of joy, I take off to see Atsushi for the three-day weekend in Kyushu. (I hope the hot spring we’re going to hasn’t been washed away.) If I’m feeling especially ambitious at 5:30 when I get up to go to the airport, I might look at the computer. Otherwise, there may be a post or two from Atsushi’s place (we think of it as our country villa) but I probably won’t be bloviating much until Tuesday. Have a great weekend, everyone.

    2 Responses to “Es-ca-pade”

    1. Steve H. says:

      !! I was just listening to that song last night, for the first time in years. Suddenly I found it so appealing, and let it repeat five or six times. (That, and “Eat Me Alive” by Judas Priest, so it’s not like this is a sudden outbreak of good taste or anything.) The song seems quite appropriate for your weekend. I hope you both enjoy it.

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      Wow, coincidence or conspiracy? : )

      Thanks for the good wishes. I don’t think I mentioned this in yesterday’s post, but when we were driving over the mountain, after about the tenth turn that was so acute he had to take it at 5 m.p.h., Atsushi frowned and said, “Hmmmm…escapade.” It was the cutest thing.

      And who needs uninterrupted good taste? We were listening to ABBA Gold on the drive, and at some point, I thought, “You know, I really think ‘Does Your Mother Know’ is one of my favorites.” (I was wise enough not to share this with Atsushi.) The ability to appreciate inspired dreadfulness just makes you appreciate real aesthetic accomplishment all the more.

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