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    Can’t get there from here

    The Toyoko Line is not running–how not good is that? I hope it wasn’t a suicide. Everyone in Tokyo knows you’re supposed to throw yourself in front of a train on the Chuo Line. Maybe this guy‘s wise to avoid the train system altogether, though I can’t say I’m fond of the incoming traffic in the morning, either. Luckily, I can go casual to the office if I’m not meeting with clients, and it only takes 40 minutes to walk from home.

    I’m also lucky that the weather here is just kind of grey and drizzly. Kyushu has received its visit from Typhoon 14; Atsushi’s city was already being deluged and wind-whipped when we talked last night. Evacuation orders are already in effect for 21500 people, mostly in Kagoshima but also in other prefectures. The amount of rainfall in Kyushu since two days ago has ranged between 500 and 800 millimeters depending on the place.

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