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    You’re an X-ray man

    Heh-heh. One of the search terms I got a referral from over the last few days was “‘rob mârciano’ hairy chest.”

    Yeah, I was wondering, too. Before anyone starts with the can’t-you-queers-ever-see-a-half-decent-looking-guy-without-imagining-him-with-his-clothes-off? routine…well, the answer is no.

    HOWEVER, that’s not the point in this case. The point is that your only other option during his live hurricane coverage was to pay attention to what he was saying. One of the problems with 24-hour cable news is that even when the story isn’t actually developing, the reporters have to keep talking. I’m sure Rob’s a bright guy, but since he couldn’t stand there and say, “There sure is a lot of wind and rain here,” and then shut up, he was driven to offering patter on the order of, “The National Weather Service has predicted that the rain is going to get even more severe, which our experts say indicates that a great deal of water will fall from the sky.” That’s not a problem if, like Julie Brown, you like ’em big and stupid. Personally, I felt it was only kind to Rob out there to hope that the weather gods would send a gust of wind strong enough to yank that pancho down away from his throat so we could get a good gander before they cut away to someone who had useful information to impart. (On the other hand, at least we didn’t ever get a look at Anderson Cooper south of the collar–you just know sugarcakes either is scarily baby-smooth or just has a half-dozen wires around his nipples.)

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