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    It’s a good thing I’m an atheist, because that way I don’t have to believe I’m going to hell for guffawing at this:

    [Criminologist Alain] Bauer said that, contrary to popular opinion, these youths are in a way quite well integrated into French society. The way they erupt in protest and violence against the strong central state reflects the model they see, he said, for example from protesting workers and far-left social agitators.

    I like that man. He is sly. I also liked this (unintentionally, I’m sure) drocirc;le summing up of France’s attempts to deal with its immigrant problems:

    France promised liberty, equality and fraternity but failed to create the jobs that helped integrate earlier immigrants. Paris has tried everything from social programs to police crackdowns to deal with frustration that has resulted.

    Market liberalization is apparently not even within the range of possibilities in its mental framework–of course, those protesting workers help to explain that.

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