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    Long-distance cohabitation (III)

    Today was the day to quake-proof the bookshelf; there’s a brand of hardware called Magnitude 7, for the kind of earthquake it’s supposed to last through (that’s the Japanese scale, not the Richter Scale). Precisely because so many people object to nailing and drilling holes, you can get fittings that work by pressure between the ceiling and the top of a piece of furniture. I sounded for joists and didn’t hear anything solid–wood or metal, though it wouldn’t surprise me to learn they’re made of PVC in Tokyo these days–for a good two yard * two yard square of Triscuit. This raises the disturbing possibility that I live in a joistless building, but I’m ignoring it. What is this life without some risk?

    Also finalized the placement of breakable objects by fixing them with Anchor Wax. We can’t go beyond risk into rashness, after all. No angry earthquake goddess is taking the Baccarat away from this household unchallenged!

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