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    Which of you wiseasses hid the receipt/claim check-thing I need to pick up my passport at the Embassy this Friday? This is not funny….

    3 Responses to “隠れん坊”

    1. Auntie Mame says:

      Did you find it yet? We just straightened up a little, while you were out. Flattened a few milk cartons, made swan table decorations out of the scrap paper. hmmmmm
      Did you check the swans?

    2. Sean says:

      Oh, I thank you very kindly for that, so I do. When you guzzle as much tea as I do, the milk cartons pile up on you.
      Yes, I did find the receipt on returning home tonight. It had hidden (the impudent little chit) in the envelope from the photography studio with the extra passport-photo exposures (speaking of things I’d like to crease into origami swans!). Its excuse, when called to account, was that I’d put it there for safekeeping and then forgotten its whereabouts. Like I’d do that.

    3. Auntie Mame says:

      OK, now that you’ve found the silly thing, you can’t blame us for hiding it from you.
      Fit over now? Will you please go back to posting? Thrice daily would be my goal, but I’ll settle for a double.