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    Ever since I seen your face / This life of mine has gone to waste

    I would like to interrupt my recent streak of asexual commentary to make two pressing faggotry-related announcements:

    (1) I normally don’t go for Korean guys particularly, but the actor who just strolled into the subtitled drama I’m watching on TV totally needs to have my love child. If that’s not going to happen, I’ll settle for a plot development that has him taking off his shirt.

    (2) Eric Scheie economically makes a point I’ve been gassing verbosely about ever since I began posting here:

    If that’s the case, I must disagree. Homosexuality is not heterosexuality. There are many differences between gay and straight relationships. The laws and social mores designed for the heterosexual scheme of things reflect these differences. I see no reason why homosexuals should feel the need to ape heterosexuals, and even less reason why they should be forced to do so. This is my biggest objection to same sex marriage. It would place undue pressure on what were once private relationships outside the sweep of society’s radar. It would allow gay palimony, gay divorce, and bring the heavy hand of the state where it does not belong. Same sex marriage would not be limited to a “right” chosen voluntarily, because it would create new duties and causes of action which could be used even against homosexuals not wishing to marry. I realize that many do not share my concerns, but I think that to call people who neither need or want the state to enter their lives in such a manner lacking in self respect is a bit of a stretch.

    However, the FMA is another issue, because it would, by making incidents of marriage a suspect category, bring the state into private relationships in another, horrendous, way. I vehemently oppose the FMA, and I disagree wholeheartedly with Bush’s support of that ill-written amendment. Why, though, would Bush’s support for the FMA make homosexuals who vote for Bush lacking in self respect? What about the many heterosexuals who don’t support the FMA? Are they too lacking in self-respect if they vote for Bush? Or must “self respect” touch on important, personal, hot-button issues?

    My only quibble is with the “outside society’s radar” part, since the wording sounds as if it collapses together government and culture. I think having our relationships recognized by the circles we move in socially, with the attendant pressure to behave ourselves, is a good thing. But the more Sullivan and Jonathan Rauch and others use that reasoning to promote the legalization of same-sex marriage, the more they reinforce the idea that we just resent being different and want to force people to like us. Speak of lacking self-respect!

    4 Responses to “Ever since I seen your face / This life of mine has gone to waste”

    1. Nathan says:

      okay…I can think of at least two reasons he’s not going to have your love-child. Here’s hoping you get at least part two of your wish.

    2. Sean says:

      At least two? I think I stayed awake during commonwealth-mandated health class in junior high school, and I can only think of one. Was Mr. K. holding out on us?

    3. Eric Scheie says:

      Thank you very kindly for the link!
      I like your honesty and your blog.

    4. Nathan says:

      I’m just more creative. Or pessimistic. Either way.
      Apologies for hijacking the thread:
      Announcement: In their infinite wisdom [/sarcasm], the USAF web censors blocked me from accessing my log-in page and any mu.nu comment function. Luckily, I should return home in 2-3 weeks, and posting will resume then.