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    Tama Starr has a new article up at Reason about the latest of her hilarious adventures in trying to be an old-school, straight-shooting business owner who gets and retains contracts by, you know, doing good work and being answerable to clients. As you can imagine, she meets adversity at every turn. But she has a great sense of humor about it.

    Something that made me laugh, in particular, about this piece:

    A bank

    2 Responses to “看板管理系統”

    1. Toren says:

      That’s so true about navigating by sign in Japan. My in-laws lived down at the end of a typical rat’s-nest of tangled streets and when this little TABAKO kiosk closed down at one crucial corner…well, let’s just say I’m surprised my bones weren’t found mouldering along some dead-end street the next spring.

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      You should see me trying to get home by taxi from the occasional dinner + nijikai since I moved. Before, I lived exactly one block from the Tokyu Main Store/Bunkamura complex in Shibuya. Occasionally, the driver would ask whether I wanted to avoid Meiji Avenue because of construction, or something, but most of the time, we just drove. Our building now is on a main artery, but the back way is much faster from anywhere inside the Yamate Line. Only problem is, it’s one of those as-the-crow-flies routes that involve about 500 turns, so I’ve had to memorize the name of the café, convenience store, or ramen shop at every intersection that’s not grand enough to have its own name. I sometimes think I’d have an easier time explaining how to make a working 747 from used popsicle sticks.