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    We love our lovin’ / But not like we love our freedom

    Classical Values did comment on the McGreevey thing, including the gay angle, overnight:

    Tell me about my generation! I am three years older than McGreevey, I came of age in the 1970s.

    The 1970s, folks! Free love, wild parties, orgying, and coming out of the closet.

    Well, that needs to be qualified some. My parents were born in 1948 and 1951, and while they listened to psychedelic rock and played in cover bands after high school (that’s how they met), they and their friends weren’t orgying. The cultural eras called the ’60’s and ’70’s certainly happened, but they didn’t happen equally everywhere in America.

    Still and all, it sure is interesting that, until this week, McGreevey’s choices in dealing with his “lifelong turmoil” always just happened to come down on the side of preserving his access to power and money. Even in small towns and conservative religious families, there are self-aware, self-critical people who are willing to come out and take the hit for it–before they end up with a line of spouses, children, conniving lovers, and shady wheeler-dealers to cope with when they’re pushing 50.

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