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    You know, I still think of myself as a commenter on a handful of my favorite blogs who just happens to have a site of his own, dilettante-like, now. I kind of looked through the features my host had because I wanted to know how to set up e-mail at my domain and stuff. Didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the stats pages. But over the last few days, my host (Verve) changed servers, so the layouts and things are new, and I decided to see what I could see.

    Sakes alive.

    There are actually people reading this. Estimating as well as I can based on the fact that (like me) there are probably quite a few people who click through from different ISP’s at different times of day, it looks as if I may have 100 regulars and change. Never expected that. I mean, of course, if I’d thought I was going to be writing pointless bilge, I wouldn’t have started. But the combination of Japan expat + gay stuff + how-the-world-would-be-better-if-everyone-just-listened-to-me stuff seems to me to be a real niche among niche markets. But I suppose there are 100 people of just about any type you name in the world.

    So anyway, I occasionally write gushy letters of thanks to my favorite bloggers, several of whom do me the honor of visiting here, for providing an American-style forum where you can debate ideas aggressively without people’s taking things personally all the time. Thanks to them again for the links that probably brought most of you here. And thanks to the people who are reading. I have yet to receive a single disrespectful comment or e-mail–lest anyone get any big ideas, I’m not saying that to issue a challenge, though I know I’ll get clobbered eventually, the ‘net being what it is. To my knowledge, no one’s linked to me for the express purpose of talking about what a stupid jerk I am. I’ve been very, very fortunate with the site, as with the rest of my life. Thanks to all.

    The other thing I saw when I looked at my stats page was, of course, the search keyphrases that had led people to the site. There were, apparently, four searches for “sean kinsell,” which means there could be people who know me from “real” life lurking here at this very moment. The one that made me laugh, though, was “how to detect a gay guy?” I’m not infoplease, and I don’t know whether whoever put that phrase in has kept reading here. (I hope it wasn’t Dina McGreevey, although if it was, she shouldn’t still need an answer.) But just in case: If a guy has a pink, purple, and green website with a category labeled “i like men” in two languages, you should assume he’s gay.

    There, don’t say you’ve never learned anything from me.

    And thanks again for reading.

    3 Responses to “Surprise!”

    1. Toren says:

      Ahh, bizarre search hits. I got so many I started a weekly feature, along with snarky comments. Go to my blog and type “bizarre search hits” in the search engine and check them out. I was just re-reading some of them and weird doesn’t half describe it.

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      I haven’t gotten any really, really out-there ones. I came up for one search on “violence in japanese schools” and one on “conservative homosexuals” (I can’t help wondering whether the latter was motivated by politics or fetishism). The weirdest one was “truth fresh look ads attack 2004 presidential election,” and I just assume that that was someone piling on all the words he thought might be relevant. It doesn’t sound like a genuine weirdo.

    3. Kris says:

      Wow – I swear I’m not a net idiot, but I didn’t realize your site tracked which searches brought people to your page. That’s some quality service. I’ll take that as a challenge – I wonder what the craziest search I can do is and still link to your page. Going to have to go give that a try now…