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    The real McGreevey issue

    Is Golan Cipel hot? That’s not a rhetorical question that ends with an implied “or what, baby-baby!” I mean, you look at some photographs, and you’re like, Hello! This dude really needs to do a photo session with Kobi Israel, barechested and sitting on a mattress (no sheets–just the ticking) and maybe eating a handful of sloppy joe from a paper plate.

    Okay, fine. You’ve got a picture of two guys in dinner jackets who look as if they’re going to start making out as soon as the photographer leaves. I’d probably be hot for William Demarest if you caught him in that kind of pose.

    Even so, there are others that are like…okay, David Byrne with a little more meat on him and not so bug-eyed. Maybe I kind of see it. But couldn’t the Gov. find someone to fill that bill in Bergen County?

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