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    Threw away my old clothes / Got myself a better wardrobe

    Finally got around to putting the new banner up. Connie, if you’re having trouble seeing it again, please let me know. There shouldn’t be a problem, though, since this one isn’t done with a background image.

    2 Responses to “Threw away my old clothes / Got myself a better wardrobe”

    1. Kris says:

      I was wondering what those li’l pink-and-green-and-puce boxes were doing before each post.
      Is it too clod-ish to ask you to explain the meaning of the symbols (and, if significant, the color choices?)

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      Well, there isn’t really any meaning. The barcode-type graphic I was using on the datelines was too long; It got tangled with the date when you shrank the window size. So I figured I’d change it and just decided to put a few of my favicons in a row and, you know, see how it looked. Then I decided I actually kind of liked the icon and figured I’d make it part of the new banner I’d been toying with. There’s nothing really symbolic. The green, pink, and purple–puce? Eww–were just colors I was already using. The only part of the thing that has any meaning is the white thing in the middle: 西 is the character for “west.” And, uh, I’m a Westerner. It seemed to fit, and it was easy to stylize in a way that looked cool.
      Actually, the first version of the favicon I made had 禍, the character in my site name that means “peril.” It wasn’t easy to render in 16 * 16 pixels, but I got it to work after fooling around with it a little. Then I uploaded it and looked at my menu bar and was like, Oh, no. No, no, no. See, with the icon in front of the site name, it looked like “[禍] The White Peril 白禍.” There was a “peril” at each end, like bookends…or pillars, and I figure that’s got to be very bad feng shui, huh? Like, surrounded by peril.
      That’s all.