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    Whenever I hear your music / Singing the same old tune

    I am seriously going to go bonkers if I hear this locution out of some fag’n’dyke activist’s trap one more time before Election Day:

    I don’t think any self-respecting gay individual can vote for George W. Bush and I think that Republican leaders like Washington DC council member David Catania have made it clear that Bush has given the LGBT community no reason to reelect him this fall,” Stonewall Democrats’ Marble told 365Gay.com.

    You know, I can see someone making the case that public opinion will not allow Kerry to skedaddle out of Iraq and soften up on the WOT even if he wants to, and that therefore it’s okay not to be a single-issue war voter, and that therefore gays should vote Kerry-Edwards because (despite their no-show on the vote to bring it to the floor) they don’t support the FMA. I’d be hard to convince, but it’s an argument that could be made respectably. Or you could talk about the Bush administration’s inconsistent approach to securing our borders and entry points. And on and on. However, to say that we all vote, or should vote, solely on the basis of whose policies are gay-friendly–to say this less than a week before the 9/11 anniversary–what the hell are these people thinking?

    And for one homo to inform others what constitutes their self-respect as gay people is just…I mean, excuse me, Marianne? I didn’t let my parents, my pastor, my gym teacher, or the Book of Leviticus define my self-respect for me, and now I’m supposed to let you do it? And that would be because…you look hot in Brooks Brothers, maybe? I have no problem with lobbyists’ saying they think a vote for so-and-so will be damaging to the rights of gays in the long-term, or what have you. That’s presumably what their job is, or part of it. Say that a lot of LGBT voters aren’t thinking analytically enough about the issues–fine. Argue. Make your case contentiously. Make it passionately if you’re fired up about it. Push the handful of issues your organization works on. But don’t play the self-respect card every time someone in the Family weighs making a trade-off you don’t understand. All that does is reinforce the idea that some ideological laundry list goes along with being out, which has to be one of the very most pernicious ideas floating around gay activism (and the competition is fierce). And yes, I know it’s the Stonewall Democrats, and no, I don’t expect anything more. It’d be nice to be able to, is all.

    Land o’ Goshen, isn’t it November yet?

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