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    Fun with search terms

    My searches are still not up to Toren‘s levels of weirdness, but the first half of September has produced a few, uh, winners. “Princesses in peril” would be my favorite were it not ten times more fabulous than my real blog name. For that, I’m simply obligated to hate it.

    I also apparently came up for “korean gay flight attendants,” my education about which has depended on a lamentably small (if promising) sample.

    There was an entry for “beach uninhibitedness.” I assume that was one of them heteraseckshals being dissolute and can only hope that my example of discreet chastity made an impression.

    Someone searched for “teresa heinz kerry only an idiot health care,” which strikes me as containing more linear logic and point than any position I’ve heard emanating from the actual Kerry-Edwards campaign.

    And I think I was most touched by “how do you detect your wife having a lesbian affair,” to which I can only say, Don’t look at me, buddy!

    But good luck. Maybe keep an eye on that friend she made in her self-defense class….

    6 Responses to “Fun with search terms”

    1. Kris says:

      I really, really wish one of those had been mine, but I think they’re probably all real.
      I’ve tried googling “Amish monkey robots” to pull up your page, but just can’t quite seem to make the link.
      BTW – I saw Andrew Sullivan on ‘Real Time’ this weekend (along with Arianna Huffington and Jason Alexander) and I can only say that he should STAY OFF THE TV. I already think he’s annoying, but when he makes ‘jokes’ (it’s painfully akin to the sympathy one feels for David Brent on ‘The Office’) it really makes one absolutely question even his most carefully thought-out posititions.
      Kyle’s only comment was ‘Last time I saw him, he was really dumpy. Guess he’s been going to the gym.’ I guess maybe he has.

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      Interesting. He used to have a good television presence. I haven’t seen him for ages, so I can’t judge. Was his material bad, or was it his delivery? His writing style on his blog has struck me as increasingly affected.
      As for the gym, he got a lot of rather insulting attention for being buffed up before he started gaining weight, if I recall correctly. I’m talking about, in the late ’90’s, from the more left-wing gay commentators. It kind of reminded me of the way people talk about women with large breasts as if they must be stupid.

    3. Kris says:

      Both his material and his delivery were a bit stilted. I’m trying to recall – he made some ‘impromptu’ joke about Arianna having had the first legal gay marriage in California (her husband having come out as a prelude to their divorce – she was remarkably supportive, from what I hear, which admittedly, isn’t much, as that sort of thing strikes me as private…but I digress). It was a bit tasteless and harsh, even if they are pals (and I don’t know if that’s even the case, though they were chummy) and his delivery didn’t signify it was a joke, so it fell completely flat.
      I remember him getting slammed for being buff, too, which I thought was stupid at the time – who cares how he looks. Of course, I am a BIT of an aesthete, and can’t stand when George Bush smirks, or Kerry’s face, erm, tries to smile. But at least I can recognize that and try to keep it from coloring my opinions.

    4. Sean Kinsell says:

      “Of course, I am a BIT of an aesthete….”
      That’s redundant coming from one of us, sweetie. Especially with regards to how other guys look.
      But, anyway, yeah, that was the problem to me: People couldn’t just let Sullivan be a guy they disagreed with who happened to work out–his body had to be some kind of manifestation of his politics. It was embarrassingly puerile.
      Along similar lines, Michelangelo Signorile–one of my least favorite fags on Earth–recently had the chutzpah to accuse Log Cabin Republicans of having vacuous “Pepsodent Smiles.” You’ll see where the chutzpah comes in if you look at his photograph.

    5. “How do you detect your wife having a lesbian affair”? I can only say I wish I was that husband!

    6. Sean Kinsell says:

      Well, you probably wish it were happening in front of you. I doubt you’d be so hot on it otherwise, dude.