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    And I’d be kissin’ in the backseat / Thrillin’ to the Brando-like things that he said

    Tomorrow I leave for Kyushu for the three-day weekend. Looking forward to it; it’s the first time I’ll be seeing Atsushi’s new place. The weather also seems to have cleared some after the typhoon-hammering they’ve had there this summer. Still like an oven, though, apparently. But that’s okay. Atsushi bought a new car when he moved, and this’ll be the first time I’m seeing it, too. I mean, I don’t expect to be surprised at what it looks like. He’s the kind who likes what he likes, so he basically bought this year’s model of his old car, in an even more conservative color. But that’s one of his charms. Another is that he’s big-time sexy when he’s driving.

    Unfortunately, one of the things Kyushu is famous for is tarako, or cod eggs. Friends have asked for it as an お土産 (o-miyage, a gift consisting of a local specialty that you bring from home to friends abroad or bring back for the homefolks when you go on vacation). I like regular old fins-and-scales fish, but (possibly as a vestige of having been brought up following the Levitical health laws) I don’t share the Japanese belief about seafood that the more it looks like a sci-fi movie monster, the more of a delicacy it is. However, I will be flying back from Kyushu with vacuum-packed cod roe in my luggage because…well, my friends refuse to be content with the usual tasteless cream-filled pastry that seems to be the “specialty” of most other places in Japan. One of these days, I’ll tell you about the time I bought and airmailed 50 jars of farm-made apple butter from my hometown as an o-miyage. After that experience, I decided I don’t love my friends quite that much.

    Anyway, hope everyone who’s been in the direct line of a giant storm is okay, and hope everyone else has a great weekend.

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