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    I thought men like you were called fruit.

    Susanna Cornett posted about Gay Patriot’s allegation that the Log Cabin Republicans’ political director, Chris Barron, may be a Democratic plant.* Well, that he was an Edwards supporter who may not have been working sincerely to further Republican goals for gays. Things are looking as if this story may check out, and if it does, bully for GayPatriot for pursuing it.

    * I have to say that I don’t entirely share Susanna’s confidence that GayPatriot doesn’t engage in unsubstantiated partisan attacks. He links to a faxed version of a web page and seems to assume his readers will just take it at face value, when any of the bloggers I’m used to reading and trusting would have looked for the Google cache, which isn’t difficult to find (the page I found dates to February, not to August 9, but GayPatriot seems to be saying that the page he was faxed came up in an August 9 search–in any case, “Edwards for President” was a meaningless concept by then), and posted it. I also haven’t seen any confirmation that the assumptions underlying his “Someone threw a bottle at my car–obviously a disgruntled Kerry campaign worker!” post were borne out–and how the hell does one manage to be “straight-acting” while driving, anyway? I don’t have a problem with his running an anonymous website, but he doesn’t seem to understand that that makes it more, not less, important for him to give as much objective evidence for his contentions as possible. (Well, unless he just wants to reach those who already agree with him, and it doesn’t look that way.)

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