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    Earthquake developments (day 4)

    Hope of finding survivors among the missing from the earthquakes this weekend is dwindling, but there was one touching rescue story today. There were a mother and her two children in one of the cars that were buried in landslides; the woman and her daughter (whose body hadn’t been freed yet when the Nikkei story was posted) died, but her little two-year-old boy survived. Of course, it’s late October; he was suffering from dehydration and hypothermia and headwounds, but he made it through. And he’s conscious–the first thing he said when he recognized his father calling him was, “I want a drink of water.” I’m sure the guy was never so happy to hear anything in his life. The number of confirmed dead is now 32. Tragic, each one, but way lower than it might have been, given the number of strong quakes.

    There was apparently another aftershock this morning, in fact, which was perceptible in Tokyo. I didn’t notice; I was in a car at the time. But of course, there are still plenty of problems to deal with, including stranded villagers and the stress put on many of the elderly survivors.

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