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    Idle question

    Where are all these people searching for “white peril” coming from? Did the History Channel run a special about colonialism in East Asia, or something? Did some OSU professor with an intro-level lecture class of 500 assign a paper about China’s and Japan’s encounters with Westernization? I’m not hubristical enough to think they’re all looking for this site.

    Okay, you caught me. I’m hubristical enough–but I’m not deluded. And in any case, you can’t complain when people are blundering into your site by putting its title into a search engine…especially when (as anyone else with a blog can tell you) some of the searches you find in your referral logs make you feel you need a shower followed by an alcohol bath followed by irradiation. I’m no prude, but I’m positively grateful to the sicko contingent for having, so far this month, limited itself to the relatively benign “chikan videos groping.”

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