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    Another Mitsubishi Fuso recall

    Of course, the Japanese have been having transportation-related woes lately, too. JAL and ANA are still safe, thankfully, but Mistubishi Fuso has just…can you guess?…issued another recall. This is of the latest-year model of the truck that caused a deadly accident and a spate of fender-benders a while back. The metal wheel hub apparently still has a weakness that could make it fail, though apparently it’s a different weakness from the one, dating back to 1995, that caused the prevous accidents.

    22 November 02:16 EST

    2 Responses to “Another Mitsubishi Fuso recall”

    1. Toren says:

      Japan Inc….where quality is Job One!

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      Or “See the Yugo!” huh?