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    Philadelphia story

    So today, between going from my college friends’ place in DC to my college friends’ place here in New York, I was able to meet Agenda Bender and Classical Values Eric in Philly. Eric has not changed in appearance and demeanor since Friday; Tom turned out to be, unsurprisingly, a big, strapping Irish guy. I’m getting the sense that, to be a Philadelphia-area gay guy with a blog, you’re required to be (1) cute, (2) built, and (3) mellow. Which explains why the whole blogging thing didn’t get going until I’d long been graduated and gone to another continent.

    Speaking of which, living in Japan gets you totally unaccustomed to being blatantly cruised while, say, walking down the street or in line to buy a train ticket. Last night with my friends (in Adams-Morgan), and today in Philadelphia and New York, I kept thinking, Ooh! Cute boy! But what the hell’s he looking at me like that for? My fly open, or something? I also keep waiting for cab drivers to open the door for me from inside the car; luckily, no one’s actually concluded I’m a moron and driven away from me yet. Maybe by the time I’m ready to fly back I’ll be used to all this again. Fun day, though.

    29 November 23:30 EST

    2 Responses to “Philadelphia story”

    1. Eric Scheie says:

      Clearly, someone has been a bad influence around here. At this rate, the cruising will interfere with the traveling. You may need a bodyguard, Sean! (If you ever saw the movie “Goldfinger,” the bodyguard named “Oddjob” wears morning coats. . .)

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      My parents had the immortal Shirley Bassey theme song on the James Bond compilation, but I’m ashamed to say I haven’t been quite gay enough to notice while watching the movie itself that one of the bodyguards was in morning coat and named Oddjob. A lapse that could cost me my license. I’ll do my duty and look out for him on next viewing, whenever that is.