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    Whoa! So this is what she means….

    So Eric Scheie’s been sending me hits for the last 24 hours, and (borderline-hermit that I am) I just thought for the first time five minutes ago, Maybe I could…uh, like, capitalize on this. I could post something, right? The problem is, this is my veg day.

    For the last nine days, I’ve been switched on all the time. Either I was hanging out with my parents, or we were out for dinner, or we were shopping, or I was reading to my friends’ daughter (I read her Make Way for Ducklings soon after she was born a few years ago; this weekend she wanted me to read a book called Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!. We appear to be developing a bird theme. Just wait till she’s fifteen and I introduce her to Hitchcock!), or my friends and I were reprising our college road trips in adult form by driving through Maryland while singing along with Graceland. Now, obviously, these were all things I enjoyed, with people I value greatly, and I’m grateful to be able to take two full weeks of vacation time together to do them at leisure. But I’ve had no alone time, really, and last night, after arriving at my friend’s place (where I lived when I was in grad school) and going out to dinner with him and his lovely girlfriend, I realized I was going to go insane if I didn’t spend today alone in a room.

    So I did. I sat (mostly lay, actually) in the apartment, surrounded by the sounds of Murray Hill, and read some, and napped some, and ate nutrition-free food. The thoughts that ran through my head were on the order of Frusen Gladje ice cream used to be *so* yummy. It’s a shame Haagen Dazs outcompeted it, especially with those naff containers…. Um, so, yeah. I’ve had a post kind of kicking around for the last few days, but it’s not gelling. Much easier to quote news articles and muse over Japan-China relations.

    I’m not sure where this is going, exactly. Maybe I should try to come up with My Super-Coolest Post Ever, or something, and that will keep me from sounding like a ditz. I mean, because I’ll be working on rewriting and editing, I won’t be publishing posts that make me sound like a ditz. In case you thought I’d post something non-ditzy, which is not very likely. Okay, Friend’s Lovely Girlfriend has arrived home and is offering me, bless her heart, a glass of wine. I have this feeling it might make me more coherent.

    30 November 19:05 EST

    One Response to “Whoa! So this is what she means….”

    1. Mrs. du Toit says:

      Maybe this post was your Super-Coolest Post Ever and only your readers know it.