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    I just flipped off President George

    Comments were down for a few hours because of spam directed at MT–all those people who seem to think I need Viagra at 32 finally had their effect, though not in the way they imagined, I gather. Sorry if anyone had things to say and couldn’t get through. Oh, yeah! Apropos of nothing: Does anyone else remember “Dizz Knee Land” by Dada, from…’92, it must have been? The friend from college that I’m staying with was messing around with iTunes and downloaded it while his girlfriend and I were cooking, and it was such a throwback it made me shiver. But in a good way. Belly, anyone?

    Tomorrow morning, off to Dallas, where I plan to demonstrate to Mr. and Mrs. du Toit how glaringly apparent my defects of education are when I’m not writing at leisure with the ability to edit. Should be fun!

    2 December 23:25 EST

    2 Responses to “I just flipped off President George”

    1. Abdul says:

      Your people must not listen to the Georges. They are bad. They are very bad. If you continue to listen to them how can we take over your degenerate country? We will bend you to our will. The End.

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      It’s better than listening to last decade’s grunge bands. That would have us all gibbering-foolish and superable in no time, though it would also make us unattractive to anyone who actually did want to conquer us.