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    Pearl Harbor

    Yesterday (depending on which time zone your bioclock is thinking in–you’ll forgive mine for not being sure) was the Pearl Harbor anniversary. I was on a plane and so was unable to post, but Eric wasn’t, and as usual, his piece has good links.

    Considering the current Japan-China debates over sources of petroleum, this isn’t a bad time to be reflecting on how the Pacific War began and on the long-term geography-based tensions we have in Asia. Of course, according to intellectual titans such as Noam Chomsky, the world is categorizable into white Westerners and everyone else, so inter-ethnic hostilities along other axes have to be downplayed.

    Most of the tribute sites seem well-intentioned but poorly designed. Probably the best resource is the Navy’s own page.

    6 Responses to “Pearl Harbor”

    1. Dean Esmay says:

      Don’t worry, you little yellow people, soon we will take ALL your oil and then you will have no more worries about your silly little inter-tribal wars…

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      Well, I think that, having supported the Gulf War, Japan counts as honorary Scheming Management-Level WASPs from Connecticut in geopolitical terms according to the all-about-the-oil contingent. It makes too much money on technology, too.

    3. Janelle says:

      Ah, to me surprize….me kid has been here! Little yellow people he says?
      Ask him when he is going to star in, “Jesus Christ Superstar” again. And we must mention how well he did in, “One Flew Over the Cooko’s Nest? Cokos, ahhh…the Jack Nicholson play.
      Yep, the talented Mr. Esmay is a fine actor. He loved plays in high school and then dragged me to a movie where people threw food, popcorn and everything at the movie screen. Yep, a creative Big Blue Piercing Eyed Kid! He was spooky in Jack Nicholson’s play…..bbbbbwwwwwwaaaa!
      Go get him Sean! And one fine day when he was about 5 years old, he decided to go get in the cookie jar! No, no, no….he had to eat his lunch and do his little chores before he got his favorite homemade peanut butter cookies. I go off into another room and hear a book fall and some unusual noise! I go runnin’ to the kitchen and guess what clever Dean Everard Esmay is doing?
      He pulled up a stepping stool, stacked up his favorite, Big Cars and TRUCK books, Dr. Suess, Disney and is now able to reach righ up into the cookie jar of fresh baked peanut butter and soft sugar cookies! I come in the room, fold my arms and look at my lil’ cookie monster with crumbs of sugar and peanut butter cookies round his little mouth. He looks at me with them big blue piercing eyes….”DEAN EVERARD, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!?!”
      He he, lil’ squirt! Smart one, what could a young MaMa do?

    4. Janelle says:

      Oh Sean, be careful….He no longer uses his grandfather’s distinctive middle name….Everard because he was teased. One day he will realize it is nice, he is going to name his son…Drake Eugene, so he gets a ribbin’ from me a lot when I fuss at him. God, he is a wonderful son and I was just 16 so many times as he got older and I had hard times we did a role reversal. I think a lot of sons do that tho’. Probably because he is the eldest son and we are just 16 years apart.
      I enjoy reading you and will be back.

    5. Sean Kinsell says:

      My mother tells me I wasn’t always the picture of innocence as a child, either. I’m not a very good actor, but I’m given to understand that I used my green eyes and smirk to get me out of plenty of jams. Funny how my memory differs from hers.
      And you’re right. Dean’s a great guy. You deserve to be proud of him. I hope he’s learned to lay off the cookies.

    6. Eric Scheie says:

      Dean’s an actor? And all this time, I thought he was being himself!
      Thanks for the link Sean; you obviously got me thinking about the current (if covert) theory-based American-Russian debate over sources of petroleum. (Deep stuff…)