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    Now don’t you ask yourself / who they are?

    You would think that leftists, after 30 years of their hard feminist party-line, could think of something to call a woman they don’t like besides “whore.” Apparently not.

    I don’t know what I think of Michelle Malkin’s book on Japanese internment; I haven’t read it. Whether she’s defending the practice wholesale or simply documenting facts that refute the stock interpretation that it was motivated solely by racism, I therefore can’t judge. What she has to say on education and immigration policy, I do generally agree with, though I don’t read her as regularly as a lot of people do.

    Whatever–the idea that she’s a Bush shill is ridiculous, especially on…well, education and immigration. The most passing familiarity with her on-line oeuvre confirms that. I think she pushes the tough-chick persona to breaking point sometimes–and as you might imagine, I love tough chicks–but the idea that she’s essentially an untalented writer who doesn’t know how to think is just ridiculous.

    I’m mostly bringing this up because a few people seemed to think that the few stray hate mails I alluded to a few days ago genuinely upset me. They didn’t, except as more evidence of the decline in civiliity. They’re also why, whenever I think idly that maybe it’d be nice to have more readers, I remember what people like Malkin (and Dean and Connie and Kim and Susanna) deal with. No thanks.

    2 Responses to “Now don’t you ask yourself / who they are?”

    1. Mrs. du Toit says:

      It bothered me at first. Every now and again it bothers me, but only when it comes from “friends.”
      It really means they’ve run out of arguments. They’ve thrown up the white flag of invective.
      Whatever signs they paint on the white flag make no difference. It just means they’ve surrendered–they’ve run out of any intelligent thing to say.
      We’re winning and they know it.
      Safety is always a consideration. If people aren’t aware of the risks, however, they shouldn’t play. And if they are aware of the risks they should be armed. There are nuts out there.
      And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.
      What we put up with is nothing in comparison to what those fine gentlemen put on the table. We’re just whining by comparison.

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      Well, I think you’d do whatever’s necessary regardless. You’re right, though, that a few slurs in the inbox is not much to bear, even if a few are potentially from genuine psychos.