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    All right, already. I’m not going to start writing to other people’s specifications, but if the post titles are looking self-consciously cryptic, I’ll knock it off. It’s not as if I were aiming to drive people crazy. : )

    I wish I were able to come up with succinct and germane headings the way everyone else is, but…see, I’ve only got, like, three subjects, and I can’t very well start calling things “Japan Post privatization, Part the 1045th,” right? The problem is, whenever I try to squeeze in a little distinguishing information, I end up with something unwieldy: “Koizumi says Japan Post privatization must proceed despite old-guard ninnyism he’s been up against since taking office.” Yes, we learned to write snappy headlines in journalism class in high school. No, the lessons clearly didn’t take. Besides, what I’m doing here isn’t journalism. I also toyed with the idea of using random but faux-profound Japanophile stuff (“A lone crane cries in silhouette against a midnight sky”) to see whether people would get the joke, but there’s no point in getting a joke that’s not very funny, anyway.

    So if I feel stuck, I go with whatever comes into my head that I’ll be able to recognize when I’m looking at an MT list later; usually, what comes into my head is some line from a pop song, contrived as they are to stick in the memory.

    Oh, yeah, on a different but related issue: I do understand that not everyone reads Japanese. I have a few readers who are studying it, though. When I put a post title in Japanese (always an uninteresting reference to the main topic), it’s usually in the hope that they’ll look up the meaning and reading and then be able to associate it with the post content in their memory. When you’re studying Japanese, every little bit of memory aid helps, trust you me. Anyway, no one has written to say that that‘s getting on his nerves, but if it’s helpful, I can…I don’t know, put the English in a roll-over link, or something. I’m not going out of my way to be obscurantist.

    Added in the early hours of 2 February: It seems I can’t even leave the title off a post in a way that makes people happy. (Just kidding, Amritas. Glad you’ve got your energy back.)

    7 Responses to “[Untitled]”

    1. You put titles on your posts?

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      Yes, sometimes. They’re nothing you should be worrying about, though–especially since it might distract from your, say, getting all your old essays re-posted in your new spot at Kim’s as quickly as possible. 😉

    3. John says:

      Unhip? I have a t-shirt that reads “I tickled the tensor at ICORS (International Conference On Raman Spectroscopy) XV. I’ve been known to wear said shirt in public. And the wife has a matching one (she’s the real spectroscopist).

    4. Sean Kinsell says:

      I think science-geekness is kind of fashionable, isn’t it? Or did that pass with the end of The X-Files?
      The big problem I run into is that everyone expects me to know anime. Well, I loved Star Blazers when I was a little boy, and when I first saw it as the original Senkan Yamato here, I was very excited. And I’ve seen Mononoke-hime and stuff, and I like them, but I certainly can’t carry on a long conversation about it as a genre. Ditto with manga. I get people who seem downright affronted by that.

    5. John says:

      I get the same thing. I’m positively hostile to most anime and manga. Seeing p0rnographic versions of “Sailor Moon” on the commute didn’t help any.

    6. John says:

      I always enjoy the ones I get. The others I assume are from music I’m too unhip to have heard of. I am a scientist, after all, I’m used to pop culture references going over my head.

    7. Sean Kinsell says:

      Oh, dear. I suppose it’s theoretically possible to be less hip than I am, but I’ve never seen such a thing occur in nature. I just wear tight turtlenecks and a dour expression and hope no one asks any awkward questions.