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    I might have known you could trust PennDOT to make on-line processing just as delay-prone and frustrating as an actual trip to the DMV. After all, why let modernization deprive you of the old-fashioned niceties? Thank you, Harrisburg! It’s a comfort to know that, even a continent and ocean away, I’ve got a friend in Pennsylvania.

    (No one needs to bother pointing out that if I’d renewed my license as soon as my parents forwarded the form to me, I wouldn’t have been in the kind of hurry that makes “connection timed out” messages into major obstacles. That’s not the point. What government of a commonwealth of 12 million people, which used to have more paved roads than any other state, has its flippin’ DMV site down at 7 a.m. local time on a work day? Pfft!)

    2 Responses to “要石の州”

    1. John says:

      More paved roads, yes, but when I was in Pittsburgh, the governor was complaining that the leading commercial trucking magazine had voted PA as having the most poorly maintained interstates in the US for two years running. And they make you pay to drive on a lot of them.

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      I only drive at home for about a week out of every year, and I’m so happy just to be behind the wheel that I don’t worry about anything except the most craterous potholes, which you usually don’t encounter except on side streets. I’d have little trouble believing that PennDOT lags when it comes to maintenance, though.