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    Arlen Specter has cancer

    You know this from fifty other people already: Senator Arlen Specter has Hodgkin’s Disease. Best to him and his family. He’s been one of our senators pretty much since we Pennsylvanians in our early thirties can remember; I can’t pretend to be crazy about all his triangulations, but he’s gotten my vote since I’ve been of age.

    Uh, incidentally, this might be a nice time for the HRC (not Hillary–she’ll do the politically advantageous thing intuitively; the Human Rights Campaign will not) to say that, despite their differences in the last election cycle, it’s grateful for his record of gay-friendliness and robustly wishes him well. Of course, in order not to come off as (and be) cynically opportunistic, the HRC would have to have done some reflection. What chance is there of that?

    2 Responses to “Arlen Specter has cancer”

    1. Mark says:

      I do not like Specter; I think he’s an untrustworthy politician in the worst sense of the term. Doesn’t change that fact that this is a disease I wouldn’t wish on anyone(exceptions for Saddam, Mugabe, etc.).

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      Is there such a thing as an untrustworthy politician in the good sense of the term? :)
      I can see why he divides people; maybe I just figure that we have a nice balance between him and Santorum.