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    Maybe there really is a new andrewsullivan.com

    Speaking of Jonathan Rauch, he’s started a website, linked to by IGF. Cool (even if the design does give me distracting cravings for the Neapolitan ice cream of my childhood). The links to his articles appear to pull together what you’d get from looking him up on IGF and Reason , which is a good thing. His book on gay marriage is disappointing, but not much of his other writing is. I’ve been a fan since Kindly Inquisitors .

    And he doesn’t know what a trackback is, which gives me comfort. I thought I was just a moron, but maybe it’s a fag thing. (Homos who always knew what trackbacks were because they helped invent them, or whatever, will kindly refrain from disillusioning me.)

    2 Responses to “Maybe there really is a new andrewsullivan.com”

    1. Sean Kinsell says:

      Girl, your swishiness is in no danger of atrophying from lack of maintenance.
      I think that in order to get an immediate grasp on what a trackback is for, you have to be an attention-seeker. Not that I have anything against divas, but I’m not one, so the whole thing bewildered me. Now that I think about it, if it’s a diva thing, it’s pretty obviously not not a fag thing.

    2. Kris says:

      I swear, in all seriousness, I thought you were talking about Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert.
      And maybe it is a fag thing. Even after reading here for almost a year, I still have no idea what a trackback is. Though I have willfully avoided learning. All the better to maintain my swishiness, I suppose.