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    Gyet the heck ahht!

    A gay crime of passion in my native Lehigh Valley! Gay guys in Bath? We really are everywhere. How exciting:

    A 37 year old Pennsylvania man has been charged with setting fire to his ex-lover’s home in an attempt to kill him.

    Police in Bath, northeast of Allentown, say that Donald K. Albright went to the home of Wayne Keeler in the early hours of Sunday morning, chained the doors, sealed the windows and then doused the exterior with gasoline before lighting it.

    Keeler managed to get out of the burning structure and was unharmed.

    The house was badly burned on the outside and a car belonging to Keeler was destroyed.

    After the relationship ended, Albright left numerous text and voicemail messages for Keeler which police describe as sounding suicidal and angry.

    Albright also had been discussing the breakup in the chat room where he and Keeler met according to investigators. In one chat message recovered by police Albright said that Keeler loved his Volkswagen more than he loved him.

    That last part is poignant, but if I were the jiltee, I’d take it as a signal that I need to spend a full weekend getting blotto and listening to the Go-go’s immortal “Skidmarks on My Heart” on Repeat 1. In fact, I’d do the whole album. Then look for a new boyfriend. Maybe I’m just too tightly wound.

    Added at 21:39: Our local paper has the story in slightly more detail. In all seriousness, I hope the poor guy wasn’t closeted, because he obviously isn’t anymore.

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