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    GayPatriot says goodbye

    Whoa. Through Gay Orbit, I see GayPatriot is cutting himself off from the blog he started:

    For personal and professional reasons that I am unable to fully discuss, I have to stop blogging as GayPatriot effective immediately.

    I agreed with GP’s conclusions about 99% of the time, but I thought his reasoning was frequently sloppy and cagily selective; the few times I linked him, it was mostly to take issue with his line of thought. At the same time, he really poured himself into the worthwhile task of making conservative and/or Bush-supporting gays visible in the blogosphere, and it worked. He can be proud of that. Like his other readers, I wish him the best and hope this move wasn’t the result of some kind of threat. (BTW, GP West will apparently keep running the blog.)

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