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    A girl’s got to suffer for fashion

    So, how often does it happen that the new Kylie single and the new New Order album come out the same day? Pretty cool! Waiting for the Sirens’ Call makes me think basically what Get Ready made me think: glad to hear the Brotherhood guitars come back, but I miss Gillian’s keyboard lines. But, hey–you can’t have everything.

    As for Kylie, okay, “Giving You Up” sounds kind of like “Can’t Get You out of My Head” a whole lot like “Can’t Get You out of My Head” like the backing track for “Can’t Get You out of My Head” with 80% of Cathy Dennis’s little noises erased and a new melody slathered on top. But who cares? There are worse things than sounding like “Can’t Get You out of My Head.” And I’ll tell you–that Kylie may not be much of a singer, but she was born to sigh “Ah-ha ah-haaaah” over a dance track. And since boys who know how to handle themselves in the sack but can’t have an adult relationship show no signs of decreasing in number, I don’t see why there’s shouldn’t be more songs about them. The London-as-Lilliput video’s pretty good, too.

    2 Responses to “A girl’s got to suffer for fashion”

    1. Kris says:

      I’ve listened to the New New Order four times today already, and while it’s not my favorite yet, it’s also not as bad as Republic. So I guess all’s well in the world.

      As for the new Kylie – lucky you. Apparently, proximity to Australia gives you some benefits. The only single we have here is ‘I Believe In You’ that she did with Scissor Sisters.

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      Hmm. Don’t you usually get singles by downloading? (I mean, you individually. I bought the CD because I’m a cover-art man.) I thought it was released world-wide on Monday; maybe it’s only if you’re visiting from the right place. Anyway, the song itself is already on The Ultimate Kylie, the greatest hits collection she released last year, but the single has the remixes and the video.

      I persist in liking Republic.

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