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    Lucien has one mommy

    I normally don’t talk this way, but…

    Man, I’m old.

    Look at this:

    My partner of 12 years, Alison Maddex, gave birth to a baby boy in November 2002 — Lucien Harry Maddex. I am Lucien’s adoptive parent — but certainly NOT his mother! Alison is Lucien’s one and only mother. That “Heather Has Two Mommies” business gives me the creeps! — and it can only confuse a kid.

    12 years?! Oy. I remember when that relationship was all rumor–Paglia’s a local celeb in Philadelphia, and I was in college at the time.

    Of course, she talks about a bunch of things: the absence of poets from the pop-culture landscape and the limitations of blogging in helping people develop as writers among them.

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