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    Have we got contact?

    Two announcements:

    1. My old e-mail address doesn’t work anymore, but you can e-mail me at skinsell[at]gmail[dot]com. I have not been trying to keep my contact information a secret; if you use the contact page at left, it sends a message to my gmail account with the address you enter as the reply-to, so I just figured people would figure it out. I guess it’s not as obvious as I thought. Sorry about that. You don’t have to look for a comment by me somewhere and lift the address from there.

    2. Some of you could stand to learn how easy it is not to read a website. You just kind of…don’t click on it, you know? If you want a website that’s more gay, less gay, more Japan-focused, less Japan-focused, gay but without the jokey pop-culture stuff, nicer, nastier, more concise, lefter, righter, libertarianer, or not as pink and purple, by all means (1) find it and (2) read it instead of me. See? Easy.

      I’m not trying to avoid criticism or counter-arguments, and I’ve been known to respond favorably to requests that I comment on something I hadn’t myself thought to address, if the subject interested me. I’ve received only two messages ever that I’d call hate mail, and only a handful more that I’d consider obnoxious about making an actual point; my mail volume is relatively small, but most of it is above-average in level of civility.

      I’m grateful for that, just as I’m grateful for those who read this site without commenting. Nevertheless, even if the tone is friendly, I don’t see the purpose of messages that are the on-line equivalent of “You know, you’d be really cute if you were blond.” Okay, so…no hard feelings, and good luck scamming on Brad Pitt over there. You can’t please everybody, and I’m not interested in learning how I could if I were a different person.

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