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    There’s no place like home

    Via eve ry one, comes this website. My trust-no one instincts say it could be a well-intentioned fake (the guy is utterly adorable–Japan is like a chest-hair deprivation tank, lemme tell you–but it seems odd that he would use those pictures as part of a testament of how tradition-minded he is…not that I mind). Assuming it’s genuine, the guy has balls. It’s the easiest thing in the world for guys like me to be out at home; I fled my little hometown for college so fast there were skidmarks on Main Street, and since then, I’ve lived in Philadelphia, New York, and Tokyo–I go back to Emmaus because that’s where my family and a friend or two are. If they weren’t, I’d be perfectly happy to forget the place existed, though I don’t look down on others for choosing to stay or make their home there. Good on Daniel for not backing down and for being able to write with feeling without getting drippy. I’m moved.

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