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    State senator’s gayness fails to imperil MN government

    It’s nice to see stories like this:

    Sen. Paul Koering, who publicly revealed Wednesday that he is gay, received nothing but kindness from his colleagues on the Senate floor today.

    He was greeted with hugs and handshakes from both conservative Republican and liberal Democratic senators and from moderates of both parties. Many of the senators said they have long known of the Fort Ripley Republican’s sexual orientation.

    Koering, who was described as a teddy bear by several other Senators, was beaming Thursday and told one Senate colleague that he felt liberated.

    No kidding, buddy. The truth shall make you free, to coin a phrase.

    I do look forward to the day when the tone of these stories carries a bit less astonishment about people’s goodwill–you could almost headline this one “State Senator not shot by fellow Republicans after outing self.” But progress is progress.

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      The backstory of Republican Minnesota state senator Paul Koering coming out is really quite interesting. In a topsy turvy turn of events, SoVo Blog chides him: Some have hailed Koering as a “hero” for coming out, an unusual adjective for…

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