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    Healing the wounds

    Speaking of tin-eared PR, what’s the best way to smooth over tensions between gays and straights or Arabs and Israelis? Why, have an interracial homo threesome. On display in an art gallery. With a bed as the focal point. No, I’m not kidding:

    But, don’t expect a sex show if you visit the Jack the Pelican Gallery. Quite the contrary.

    The gallery literature says the performance art is rather more innocent than that.

    “A spectacle of casual sex this is not – Gil & Moti want to fall in love,” it says.

    In 2003, Gil & Moti decided to fall in love with an Arab. They staged their life-performance “Dating Gil & Moti” at the Haifa Museum. – to consternation and applause.

    Decided to fall in love with an Arab? Like, as a New Year’s resolution? That’s a great way to get out the people-are-people message. Sheesh.

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