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    A more relaxed Army

    The US Army is still having trouble hitting its recruitment targets:

    The U.S. Army, facing recruiting woes and a reorganized force, will relax requirements for new officers, welcoming older candidates and allowing more tolerance of past minor crimes, officials said on Thursday.

    Trying to stem the loss of current personnel, the Army also has made it more difficult to kick soldiers out of the military for alcohol or drug abuse, being overweight or “unsatisfactory performance,” according to a recent memo.

    At least there’s no talk of letting in the non-closeted homos, who would clearly spell doom for the Republic.

    2 Responses to “A more relaxed Army”

    1. John says:

      Honestly, a bunch of what the Army does with personnel should be outsourced. For example, there is no reason for a dedicated Finance Corps. Oversight of weapons procurement, yes, but not clerks stuffing pay envelopes (I’m exaggerating a bit, but not much).

    2. caltechgirl says:

      Yeah. No Kidding. Maybe then they could actually KEEP TRACK of records. The bastards….

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