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    Picture this

    Honeychile? Seriously, take yourself off to a remote Micronesian islet already:

    Former New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey who came out, announced he had an extramarital affair, and resigned from office may be gone from the state capitol but he’s not about to be forgotten.

    A life-sized portrait of McGreevey will hang in the governor’s office in Trenton. The official portrait was completed this week.

    McGreevey sat for the painting, done at a cost to taxpayers of about $25,000, after he left office. It was done by Chen Yanning who has painted portraits of Christie Whitman and Queen Elizabeth II.

    Details of the ceremony to unveil the painting have not been finalized.

    Last August at a hastily arranged news conference McGreevey announced “I am a manipulative whore.”

    I edited that last sentence for clarity.

    5 Responses to “Picture this”

    1. Joel says:

      I hope it was a nude portrait–the McGreevey, I mean, not the Queen Elizabeth!

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      Or, heaven forfend, Christie Todd Whitman.

    3. Portia says:

      It would never be nude. Men like him don’t want to display their deficiencies…


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