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    So, what’s your, uh, position?

    I don’t know that Terry McMillan‘s marital troubles constitute a conservative case for gay marriage, but I do know that it’s a shame Ace’s old boyfriend didn’t turn out to be as gay as she is: Imagine the mileage he could’ve gotten from working the name of his employer! And as usual, Ace has good things to say about integrity.

    2 Responses to “So, what’s your, uh, position?”

    1. Ace Pryhill says:

      I don’t know if it’s as much a conservative case for gay marriage in itself as gay marriage could provide relief from the problem of divorce, which the religious folks seem to detest, but are too busy protesting gay marriage and Kraft Foods to do anything about it. I believe that as SSM becomes an option for gays, there will be fewer divorces in hetero marriages because the beard marriages will seem less appealing given that homos have an option that is fulfilling to them and their chosen partner. Fewer divorces seems like a conservative case, but I suppose in a roundabout way.

      Now for my ex…he did have me wondering about him when he shaved his nether-regions clean once, but alas, he is very straight.

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      Yeah, divorce is one of the wild cards in the whole debate, huh? I don’t know how fast gay marriage would produce the sort of effect you’re talking about—it would take widespread public acceptance before closeted gays themselves would actually view gay and straight marriage as equally worth options. (Not to say that I endorse that opinion, only that being closeted tends to indicate Issues.) It does seem plausible, though.

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