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    When in the Course of human events….

    So, yesterday I did, in fact, make chicken pot pie. What better recipe for a humid day with the constant threat of rain than one that requires you to make an egg-based dough that binds well enough to roll out smoothly, huh? Idiot. Luckily, it came out well, albeit with half the usual amount of water and a good, long chilling period.

    I didn’t have time to make dessert, but Atsushi offered to run to one of the many frou-frou pastry shops around here and pick something up. He came back and put the box on the counter: “Good news! Lavinia had sour cherry tarts.” “Cherry pies? You must have read my mind.” “Um, no, dear–I just read your blog.” Oh. Or that. So it was prim, non-lascivious cherry tarts with whipped cream for dessert, after which Atsushi hummed me a verse of “The Star-Spangled Banner” before I had to see him off. More than made up for the lack of grilled hamburgers and fireworks.

    Since it’s already 4 July over here, Happy Independence Day!

    4 Responses to “When in the Course of human events….”

    1. Connie says:


      Sucks when you forget you told the general public something and a loved one reads it and acts on it, eh?

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      At least I didn’t say anything rash, like “I figure I’ll have the spare room cleaned out by the weekend.”

    3. Portia says:

      Why are tarts non-lascivious? you’d think… Oh, never mind.

      In response to your post way up above — I read your blog almost everyday since I found it through Eric’s link. Mostly, to be honest, I read it for the whole experience of life in a foreign culture. Since I was raised abroad and became an American in my mid-twenties, I find this fascinating.

      I do not — alas — come from an oriental culture, but I have always been curious about it. In fact, I once applied to be an exchange student in Japan but didn’t get in.

      On doing a blog under your own name — I do one under my professional name and for professional reasons. The funny thing was how, after about a two week hiatus I heard from — I swear — my middle school sweetheart who had found it and been reading it and was suddenly afraid I’d died.



    4. Sean Kinsell says:

      “Why are tarts non-lascivious? you’d think… Oh, never mind.”

      Yes, you would, wouldn’t you? But the Japanese like a certain uptight, magazine-shoot-perfect kind of pastry. The tarts in question each contained ten (10) glazed sour cherries stacked in a Platonic tetrahedron with three careful scallops of buttercream ranged alongside. The little mint leaves on top were the same size down to the nanometer. Delicious, but not very lascivious, even with rum-spiked whipped cream added.

      Re. old flames’ finding your blog: I posted something…it must have been just a month or two after I started posting…about going to a Unitarian service with my first boyfriend. Hadn’t heard from him in years, but within 12 hours, I had a message in my inbox disputing my posted version of the story.

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