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    I have run you down into the ground

    Hmmm…. Morning…. Cup of strong tea, scrambled eggs with way too much butter…. Classical Values…. WHAT?! [splutter]

    Does this sick phenomenon called “outing” know no bounds? I mean, it’s bad enough to go after a politician for “hypocrisy” when his personal life runs afoul of his stated political views. But to go after a family member? This was the kneejerk reaction of certain Daily Kos regulars, who wasted no time in calling for an investigation to determine whether John Roberts’ son is gay.

    This is now being dismissed as absurd because, of course, the son happens to be four years old .

    Disgraceful. In fairness, two Kos commenters did have the decency to point out that going after Roberts’s son was at least ignorant. (I would have preferred to see them point out that it was outrageous, but you can’t have everything.)

    2 Responses to “I have run you down into the ground”

    1. Connie says:

      Yes, but what about “the people’s right to know.”

      OK, now I have to throw up, having typed that.

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      There, there. I know what would settle your stomach. A cup of hot tea!

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