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    Egypt hit

    The number of deaths from yesterday’s terrorist bombing in Egypt is up to 88. I’ve been wondering–if terrorism experts thought this was possible, surely we’d be reading it by now, so I’m probably wrong–whether the plan wasn’t similar to that of the Bali bombers: set off an explosion or two to get people pouring into the street, then nail them with bigger explosions once they’re out there.

    A group claiming links to al Qaeda said Saturday’s bombings were revenge for “crimes committed against Muslims,” said an Internet statement. But the statement did not appear on major al Qaeda Web sites and it was impossible to authenticate the claim.

    Egypt’s biggest “crime against Muslims,” from the perspective of Islamofascits, is probably being a reasonably functional democracy. It also has a cultural heritage of world-enamoring brilliance that predates its contact with Islam. Of course, the resort that was hit was popular with foreign tourists as well, so there are people of many countries among the dead; but naturally most of the victims were Egyptians.

    Sincerest condolences to the Egyptian people, and best to President Mubarak and his government in the fight to keep the terrorists at bay. As Dean says, if we assume the flypaper strategy (which I have my reservations about), is working, it means that terrorist cells are going to be striking more frequently in the most Westernized Muslim countries. It’s going to be a trying time.

    2 Responses to “Egypt hit”

    1. Dean Esmay says:

      I agree with all of that except I would be hesitate to call Egypt a democracy. It is definitely more free and more cosmopolitan than most other Arab nations, but they have never had a competitive election for President, critics of the government are still often imprisoned, etc.

      Still, in terms of Arab nations, it probably seems wildly liberal compared to what the terrorists want to see.

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      Well, that’s why I called it “reasonably functional.” When your closest Arab neighbors are Libya and Saudi Arabia….

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