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    Sendai earthquake wasn’t the next Miyagi-oki

    The way we felt this morning’s earthquake in Tokyo was as gentle rattling for about 20 seconds and then more noticeable swaying. It seemed to last forever, and though it wasn’t really strong, it made a good deal of noise.

    It was more serious elsewhere: M6.8 at the focus and a weak 6 on the JMA scale at the epicenter in southern Miyagi Prefecture. They’re reporting quite a few injuries in the major city of Sendai, though it’s only an hour after the quake and details are few. Sendai, fortunately in a sense, is in an earthquake hot zone. It’s as well prepared as you can be for a big shake-up. Its last major quake was two years ago, but it’s still waiting (if that’s the word) for the next Miyagi-oki monster–the region gets hit with one once every several decades. If anyone’s reading from around Sendai, stay safe.

    4 Responses to “Sendai earthquake wasn’t the next Miyagi-oki”

    1. Connie says:

      Come home!

    2. Sean Kinsell says:

      Ah, it was just a little earthquake. They only expect 7000 people to die in the Big One, anyway.

    3. Connie says:

      Well, as long as one of those 7,000 isn’t you!

    4. Sean Kinsell says:

      Well, given that there are 30 million people in the metro area, the odds are good. :) I figure if it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go.

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