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    Maybe I was mean / But I really don’t think so

    See, my problem with this ad (via Ace) is that it cuts off before Brian and Partner Simon turn on each other hungrily, start making out, and tear off each other’s crisp little dress shirts. (That white totally washes you out, BTW, sweetie.)

    Okay, my other problem is that there’s just plain not enough of Partner Simon, who’s the way cuter of the two.

    Okay, my other problem is that Ellner is not running against George W. Bush for Borough President, so I’m not really sure how going negative on him demonstrates anything whatever about what Ellner can do for Manhattan. However much of a tough guy he is who stands up for his progressive beliefs, is he going to do anything about troop deployments?

    I know–he needs to get himself name recognition and is appealing to Manhattan voters as effectively as he can in a fraction of a minute. Whatever works, do it. I’m also seriously cheered to see a gay guy appearing openly with his partner in a campaign ad. It’s just unfortunate that what accompanies it reinforces the image that urban gays are suckers for the emptiest, most unhelpful sort of lefty jeering.

    The NYT has more about the election itself, BTW.

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