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    Bali bombed again

    Rumor fatigue (as well as a busy-busy-busy Sunday) prevented me from posting about the Bali bombing yesterday. 30 or so deaths is a terrible tragedy, and many of the 127 injured are probably going to have hellish recoveries; but given the initial, speculative news reports, things aren’t as bad as feared. Ross at Romeo Mike’s Gumption tracked the sensationalizing and subsequent backing and filling. Bali is a major, major tourist destination for Australians and East Asians, so reporters immediately started looking for local angles. Of course, that can obscure the bigger picture:

    The Nursing Home News (aka Ten News) has just shown Deegan saying he “wasn’t surprised Australians were targeted”. He’s been “expecting it for some time.” Except Aussies weren’t targeted, Westerners were. The bombers didn’t distinguish, even toward their countrymen.

    Most of the bodies that have been identified were of Indonesians.

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