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    I changed my clothes ten times before I took you on a date

    Atsushi flies in tomorrow–have I ever told you how much I love the way Japan has bank holidays practically every month?–so this time around, I’m making the over-sugared French toast.

    I also went shopping today. It’s been a while since I greeted him at the door in a new outfit, and with fall pretty decisively, if anemically, here, another cool-weather shirt is always useful. Having been told by a stranger yet again this week, “You’re from the States? Really? You look so European!” I decided to go Pointedly All-American.

    Man, what is up with even Brooks Brothers’s making (1) no-iron shirts that (2) have ostentatious logos on the chest? If you don’t want fusty, old-fashioned clothes that need pressing, why go to Brooks Brothers? (Actually, it’s not the lack of necessity of ironing that bothers me. It’s that this wrinkle-free stuff doesn’t look crisp even when it is pressed.) If you do want clothes that crassly announce how expensive they are to everyone else on the subway, why not go to Polo? At least Burberrys has enough of a sense of shame to have created diffusion labels to market all its label-on-the-outside goods under.

    Unfortunately, the green + purple + orange plaid on offer was too utile to resist; being a secondary colors kind of guy, I’ll be able to wear it under every sweater I own come November, and no one will be able to see the embroidered Golden blasted Fleece then anyway. That the cute sales guy told me the shirt was flattering had nothing to do with my handing over my credit card. No, really.

    Have a good weekend, everyone.

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