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    Seen about town

    Am I the only one who’s noticed an awful lot of guys running around Tokyo in charcoal grey suits + pointed tan shoes that…you know…TOTALLY DON’T GO TOGETHER?

    What’s up? This has been over, I’d say, the last two or three weeks. Did some popular TV drama feature an actor in that kind of get-up in a pivotal scene? Did Donatella Versace send models down the runway that way? Did Men’s Non-no do a five-page feature (complete with bossy pictorial how-to’s) on healing the rift between antiqued brown leather and grey wool?

    The look is utterly hein, and I can only hope it passes quickly. (When cocoa brown + black–both of which at least have cool, blue undertones to unite them–came in a decade ago, it was here for-flippin’-ever.) There are far better reasons to think about taking men’s clothing off than that it’s COMPLETELY HIDEOUS. Please, just stop.

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