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    I really don’t know clouds at all

    Mark‘s Cloud Observatory doesn’t have comments, and I can’t find a contact address on his site, so I guess I have to post this here and figure he’ll see it.

    I’ve discovered that there are a lot of clouds shaped like the PRC. Not just China, but the whole thing including Xinjiang and (sorry, Richard Gere) Tibet. No joke, I see one at least, I’d say, every few weeks. (There are a lot of clouds shaped like Ireland, too, but the way the island is massed, I don’t find that surprising.) Are there PRC-shaped clouds over the US, too, or just over Tokyo? The latter would sort of freak me out if I were the type to believe in omens and stuff.

    On a more pleasing note, the entryway to our apartment is perfectly positioned for viewing Mars at around midnight right now. It gives you such a cool, primal feeling the way it hovers over all the rooftops and wires.

    6 Responses to “I really don’t know clouds at all”

    1. Michael says:

      Looks like he has comments to me!

    2. Mark Alger says:

      Hey, Sean.

      Yeah… I leave the comments and everything off, ’cause I thought it looked silly to have them there, when nobody ever says anything about them. I think in all the time (about 6 months, now) I’ve been doing the cloud shots, I’ve had ONE on-point comment — from The Kate. And aesthetically, it just bugged me to have all that crap under the pictures. I do the same thing with the daily footer pix.

      There’s a contact address in your comments. Or, at least, I provide it every time I post one. ::grin::

      I’ve tried to email YOU and get spam-blocked — for whatever THAT’s worth (probably not much, he said trying to sound modest).

      To your point: yes. I can’t point to a specific pic I’ve taken, but I can see exactly how a cumulonimbus could billow with just the right shapes to counterfeit the PRC — AND have a spur driven by an updraft along a front to mimic Manchuria.

      I don’t really look for shapes in my cloud observations. I usually shoot them when I’m on the run from hither to thither — and sometimes yon — and view them as found art. I only WISH I had time to run a real cloud observatory for a living. ::grin::

      Thanks for noticing.


    3. Mark Alger says:

      And you know what? (I just discovered this myself — put it down to “da Doll moves in mysterious ways”), that there *are* comments on the archives pages. So if you click through from the right sidebar, you’ll see comments and trackbacks. They’re just not there on the front page.

      Have to explore this further. (I.E., Spank Dolly until she coughs up the rationale. Knowing her and spankings, it will probably be a while — she can hold out forever if she wants to.)

      I need to develop the habit of looking at comments past the front page, which I rarely do.


    4. Sean Kinsell says:

      “I’ve tried to email YOU and get spam-blocked — for whatever THAT’s worth (probably not much, he said trying to sound modest).”

      Really? To my GMail account? If…well, I was going to say, if it keeps happening let me know, but obviously that isn’t going to work. I can give you another e-mail address.

    5. Mark Alger says:

      No, it wasn’t gmail — I don’t think. No — here it is it’s from …


      I have it in my Outlook address book and no idea how I captured it. I’d guess something surrounding Connie’s old site.


    6. Sean Kinsell says:

      Oh, that! When I switched hosts, I dropped the e-mail address associated with my domain and just started using my G-Mail account for the blog. You’ll definitely be rejected by that one, since it no longer exists.

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